You want to know an ancient Sardinia and different than usual? Try oil tourism!

What is oleotourism?

Sardinia is known and appreciated above all for its breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear waters: the island is all this, but not only!

You have to go deeper to discover one millennial tradition and a fascinating culture … how? Starting from the kitchen and food and wine products. In Sardinia it is possible to visit the winery and get to know methods and types of the various wines.

Anyone who is not a lover of the drink can still have an experience of this type thanks to oleotourism, a recent trend but much appreciated by tourists.

Indeed, those travellers Who want to get more and more in touch with the territory can start by visiting and getting to know both the manufacturer and the product, in this case the oil.

Thanks to oleotourism it is therefore possible:

  • attend the olive harvest
  • – visit oil mills, historic houses and museums
  • discover the methods of production
  • taste and buy the company’s products

These are the main activities foreseen in this type of experience, which can obviously vary depending on who offers them.

Villa Verde and oleotourism

If you are a guest of the Villa Verde guesthouse and want to dedicate a day to oil tourism, we know the right place for you!

About fifty kilometers from Torre delle Stelle lies Dolianova, a small town in the province of Southern Sardinia. The Olio del Tempio (Temple’s Oil) is produced here, it is possible to visit the oil mill and find out how oil was made in the past and how it is done today.

The company covers over twenty hectares, with about 6000 olive trees and has been in business for several centuries … since the 1600s!

The fruits of the 6000 olive trees are harvested in two or three weeks, in the months of October / November, the best time to have a high quality product, when the olives change from green to red.

After harvesting, we move on to washing and production, strictly cold (it does not exceed 27 degrees Celsius) and without adding water (which causes the loss of polyphenols, natural antioxidants that are beneficial to health).

We stop here, to find out more we recommend that you don’t Miss a trip at the oil mill

The company is able to meet the needs of various tourists and offers the possibility to customize the tour: for those in a hurry there are guided tours of one hour, while for those who want to learn more it is possible to stay longer.

The basic visit (about one hour) includes:

  • Visit to the oil mill, with an exhibition of the various stages of processing.
  • Visit to the storage and packaging department
  • Guided tasting of the various types of oil
  • Visit to the museum
  • Ability to purchase our products at discounted prices

The VIP package (about an hour and a half, there must be at least 4 participants) provides, in addition to the basic visit:

  • Visit to the basement with the collection of ancient oil lamps
  • Guided tasting of the oils sitting at the table
  • Small buffet with carasau bread, olives and an inevitable glass of wine.

We recommend you to book a few days in advance and we are available to recommend other fantastic adventures to experience in Sardinia!