Dear guests, before accessing the swimming pool, please read this regulation and respect it.

Access is restricted to guests of the B&B Villa Verde

There is no assistance service for swimmers . Maximum caution!

The depth of the pool is 1.60 meters and 1.40 meters in the less deep part.

  • It is forbidden to use the pool for those who can not swim.
  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult who can intervene in case of need, and who is responsible for it.
  • It is mandatory to take a shower before entering the water.
  • It is forbidden to access the clothes pool.
  • It is forbidden to dive and run on the pool level.
  • It is forbidden to smoke and it is not possible, on the tub floor, to consume food or drink
  • It is forbidden to introduce bottles, glassware and other objects not strictly related to bathing in the pool
  • It is forbidden to perform activities in apnea without the presence of a qualified instructor.
  • It is forbidden to introduce animals.
  • It is forbidden to use sunscreen and hair oils before entering the bath.
  • For children under 3 years of age, as well as for physiologically incontinent users, the use of appropriate restraining costumes is mandatory
  • It is forbidden to spit, urinate, defecate, spread any type of liquids in the tank.
  • It is forbidden to bathe in particular atmospheric conditions (storms).
  • It is forbidden to enter the pool to people in an altered psychophysical state (drunkenness, alterations from drugs, etc.) or even in evident precarious conditions of health, such as to represent a risk for the safety of the subject.
  • Persons with injuries, abrasions, lesions or skin changes of suspected infected nature (warts, dermatitis, fungal infections, etc.) and to those suffering from any other contagious disease are not permitted to enter the pool. The management may ask bathers to provide a medical statement proving the absence of such diseases.
  • It is forbidden to have non-civil behavior and behavior.
  • Use the waste bins for differentiated waste. Keep cleaning.


The Management is not responsible for: 

  • any accidents, injuries, injuries or other events that may occur to swimmers due to their imputable behavior; 
  • theft or loss of objects left unattended within the structure.

The management declines all responsibility for non-compliance with the rules.