When you think about holidays in Sardinia, your mind runs to crowded beaches and high temperatures, this is definitely one of the best known “classic” images of the holidays in July and August.

But the island exists and it is worth visiting at other times of the year as well… there are times when a holiday in Sardinia is even more enjoyable…

September, in this sense, is a perfect month and in the next few lines we will explain to you why!

1.   Climate

In September, the Sardinian weather is very nice, mild and sunny but with lower temperatures compared to July and August: the average temperature is about 27 degrees, with lower heat and humidity.

With those kinds of numbers, the sea is a must, the water is still warm and there are less people on the beach.

2.   Saving

According to the calendar, the first three weeks of September are still summer, but from a tourist point of view, the season is no longer very high. In general, therefore, in September, prices will be lower and the economic savings are significant compared to previous months.

3.   People

All the places considered particularly attractive for tourists are less crowded: mass tourism in July and August is not present in September, so you can truly experience the time in the beach in total relaxation, with children and as a couple as well.

The presence of fewer people is noticeable not only at the beach but also in the city!

The main tourist spots are emptied and parking the car not too far away finally becomes a real possibility.

4.   Events

Less warm climate and fewer tourists positively influence even the way of living in the cities and the various attractions offered by Sardinia.

Also from September are held many events and festivals where you can taste typical dishes and enjoy traditional events.

One of the most awaited and successful appointments is Autunno in Barbagia, which takes place until December in an itinerant way, in different countries of the Barbagia area: on this occasion it is possible to get to know culture, traditions, crafts and of course the food a little better!

Equally interesting (and closer to our guest house Villa Verde) are

The Santa Greca’s feast in Decimomannu or the Antico sposalizio selargino, a historical re-enactment of the traditional Campidanese wedding.

The clothes worn from the participants are typical Sardinian ones and the celebration also is executed  in the Campidanese language. After the exchange of the rings, the hands of the spouses are joined by a wedding chain, a symbol of the bond of marriage … a very heartfelt, fascinating event not to be missed!

5.   Sport

Even lovers of a “lively” holiday can benefit from the milder temperatures in September.

Getting to know the wildest Sardinia with activities such as trekking or on a bike ride is a fascinating and unforgettable experience, which must not be missing in your list of things to do.

For example, did you know that there is a desert in Sardinia?

It is located on the Costa Verde, more precisely in Piscinas, in the territory of Arbus: it is about 20 kilometers long and is characterized by duenes of fine sand, up to 100 meters high.

Piscinas is also part of Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara, an adventure divided into thirty stages, including disused mines, tunnels overlooking the rocks, ghost villages, ancient railways and breathtaking views.

About 70 km from Torre delle Stelle and our Guest House, on the southern coast of Sardinia,  you can find Nora, an ancient town full of charm and breathtaking landscapes.

Immersed in the Mediterranean scrub is the “Laguna di Nora” Center, fish farming.  That allows you to live many interesting experiences, even for children. Among the activities offered by the center we find: the cetacean gallery, the sea turtle recovery center, the Mediterranean aquarium, the birdwatching station, a canoe trip and the opportunity to snorkel among the remains of an ancient submerged city.

Do you need other reasons to take a holiday in Sardinia in September?