The magic of the Nora lagoon

Nora is situated about 70 km from Torre delle Stelle, on the southern coast of Sardinia. An ancient town full of charm and breathtaking landscapes.
Do you want to know what’s special about Nora? Keep reading!

The Ancient City of Nora is the oldest ruin in Sardinia: in addition to traces of Nuragic settlements, there are indications of the passage from the ancient Phoenicians, the Punic and lastly the Romans.
In this archaeological site, you can admire a theatre dating back to the 1st century BC, the Temple of Tanit, dedicated to the goddess of fertility, the ancient baths of the Roman period and their splendid mosaics.
Everybody who has inhabited Nora has left evidence of their passage, evidence that can still be found today both above and below the sea level: a part of the ruins is underwater!
Immersed in the Mediterranean scrub is the “Laguna di Nora” Center, a fish centre that allows you to live many interesting experiences, even for the little ones. Among the activities offered by the centre we find: the cetacean gallery, the sea turtle recovery centre, the Mediterranean aquarium and the birdwatching station.
Inside the lagoon, you can use a canoe: the route lasts just over an hour and during the excursion, you can observe the flora and fauna present in the ecosystem.

The Centre’s highlight is undoubtedly snorkelling: an activity that consists of swimming on the water’s surface to observe the seabed. We have seen before that part of the ruins of the ancient city of Nora are underwater and, with the right equipment (mask and snorkel), it is possible to observe them.
Before the dive, all the information will be given both from a historical point of view, as well as a naturalistic one and above all from a technical point of view. If necessary, all the equipment including mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit is provided.
Snorkelling in the bay of Nora is a unique experience of its kind: a guide will accompany you in the exploration of the seabed of the bay of Nora, among the remains of the submerged city and the fauna, composed of thrushes, damsels, mullets, scorpionfish, moray eels, octopus, bream and mullet swimming next to you.
The depths of about 1-2 metres are also ideal for less skilled swimmers and children. The path is about 500 metres and the diving time is just over an hour.

When travelling as a family or in a group, it is quite difficult to reconcile everyone’s interest: some prefer a walk in nature, those who want to immerse themselves in the history of the area and those who prefer a more dynamic activity such as sport.

Nora is magical and every traveller’s needs can be met here!